A Brief Bio

  1. A vocalist and pianist who teaches music to primary and secondary students

  2. A Bachelor of Secondary Education (major in Physical Education, Health, and Music) and a Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education

  3. A national medalist in Philippines track & field at the collegiate level

  4. A talented professional educator who can also organize, manage, and choreograph school events

My Professional Teaching Background

  1. Seven years of experience teaching music, arts, ballet, and sports programs to primary and secondary students at a top international school in Philippines, with full professional teaching certification

  2. A strong understanding of music theory

  3. Experience in dance choreography and events management

My Physical Education and Sports Background

  1. A professional understanding of all aspects of Physical Education and Sports Management

  2. Ten years of competitive athletic experience at a Philippines national level

  3. A proven ability to lead successful athletic teams

My Professional Musician Skills

  1. Professional piano & vocals performer with R&B, jazz, and pop repertoire

  2. Multitrack recording and editing using Logic studio production software

  3. Studio & stage equipment setup

      Piano & Vocals

   Music Arrangement

Music Instruction



Hong Kong

Some of my former students at Westfields,

on a return visit last summer