About Quicktime

You will need Quicktime in order to play the audio and video on this website. My apologies in advance to Windows users without iTunes, who will be at a disadvantage.

Quicktime is built into Apple, so Mac, iPhone, and iPad users will have no problem viewing.

Quicktime is part of iTunes, so any Windows user who has iTunes installed shouldn’t have a problem either.

For Windows without iTunes, you may download and install Quicktime at Apple.com/QuickTime. This is very safe, and will generally take about 3-5 minutes.

For Android phones and pads, I can’t say for sure, because I haven’t tested it, and I don’t know if QT is available for Android. Sorry! Feedback appreciated.

If any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at Lani@TeacherLani.com

Password Security Notes
Each personal page is protected with a different account name and password for each student.
Please keep your password private!
On a shared computer, please Quit your web browser when you are done.*
If you want to share with your friends, it is probably best to download the material to your computer and then share it using your own methods (for example, Facebook).
Anyone who knows your account name and password may enter, view, and download the content on your personal page.
Feel free to ask me to change your password and/or your account name at any time.

* Note: Your web browser will remember the password until you exit your web browser. On Mac, simply closing the browser window is not enough. You must Quit the application (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome). On Windows, it is best to Close all browser windows that you opened during your session.../Erez/Erez.html

About Personal Pages

Each student's personal page is a private gallery for photos, audios, and videos recorded during the music lessons.

Setup of a personal page is completely optional as may be desired by each student! We will work together to create it and update it with your best new material.

Students’ Pages


April | Chris | Ella | Ellie | Elya | Elysia

Erez | Flora | Grace | Jena | Jess | Jessi

Kaitlyn | Koumi & Hana | Lisa | Megan

Oceane | Sam | Tasha | Toby

Hanna | Isabel | Kelsey | Leanna 
Macy | Rhoda | Sophie