Music Program Overview

My name is Lani Tecson. I teach piano and vocals, preferably beginner or intermediate level, preferably ages 4 and above.

I charge by the session, with each session  lasting at least one hour. While each program can be customized for the individual, we should consider the following:

  1. To make progress, students must at least have one hour lessons. We encourage one-on-one lessons for piano or voice.

  2. Weekly lessons are important, to keep the material fresh in mind.

The program consists of 12 sessions at which point the student (and parents) might decide if the student wishes to continue.

Facilities and Equipment

My studio is equipped with a recording-quality microphone and two Yamaha keyboards, one with hammer-weighted keys that feels and sounds identical to a high-quality grand piano.

Either keyboard can be directly connected to a multi-track computer recording setup, for perfect capture of a performance.

Students can record and edit professional sound tracks. Each student will have a private password-protected web page to replay and download his or her recordings.

We also have a video camera and can post videos as may be desired by the student. We can allow parents to watch via Skype video as may be desired. And of course, if the parent wishes to attend a lesson in person, please feel welcome!

For piano students practicing at home, when purchasing new equipment, we highly recommend a keyboard (vs a real piano), and not necessarily an expensive one for beginning students.  We can help you choose a model. Our main message: The key is practice, and an expensive real piano is not necessary.

My Yamaha “electronic grand piano”

with hammer-weighted keys

My Teaching Resume in Brief

I hold a Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education and a Bachelor of Secondary Education  Major in Music, Arts and P.E. from Angeles University Foundation, where I also ran Women’s Hurdles on the track and field team. Both of my degrees have been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation.

Following university, I taught for seven years at Westfields International School, where I was head of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, and taught Music, Visual Arts, Ballet, and Physical Education. My full resume is posted on my About page.

I love children, I love music, and I love teaching. I can supply references from Westfields and from parents of my students here, many of whom have kindly offered to provide references.

I would look forward to teaching your child!

My Studio

Congratulations to Toby, Amber and Grace for winning

DBIS-HK Idol S.Y. 2012 !!!!

Toby: Champion in

Y3 and Y4 category

Welcoming My New Students!






Amber: Champion in

Y5 and Y6 category

Grace: Finalist

Y5 and Y6 category